Sunday, May 7, 2017

Friday (now Sunday!) Favorites

Hi there! This weekend I voted for the new French president (yay!) and we took it easy since it was raining. Joe and I went on a date night and I spent Sunday afternoon watching the Ducks lose to the Oilers (ouch) with my OC BFF. What did you do?

Here are a few links I've enjoyed:

A list of the pre-existing conditions not covered under the healthcare plan the House shamelessly passed.

This is the kind of crap the new French president's opponent was spewing. So glad she lost.

I need this advice more than I care to admit.

I have started this book and am really liking it.

This podcast episode was chilling.

And while we're talking media, this is what Joe and I have been loving lately.

I'm not judgy (ahem) but I may need this.

A bit late but definitely has truth to it.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Goals

I'm a little late posting about quarterly goals but hey, I need to be accountable, so here are my goals for the spring:

- Lose 1 pound per week. I have an important party to attend in June and I'd like to feel good and confident by then. Concretely: lose 15 pounds by June 10.
- Limit wine. That one is hard. I love wine. Buttery Chardonnay is my BFF. But I really need to decrease my wine intake. My goal is to drink twice a week only.

- Respect the budget Joe and I  have set. I have terrible discipline with... well, pretty much anything, but I want to spend less, which means sticking to a budget without extra spending. The week days are easy but weekends tend to be difficult, so that's where I need to focus on.
- Set up a debt payment system. I'm thinking about the avalanche or snow ball systems.

- One date night per month. Because we need to stop putting ourselves last!
- Tone! This is a big one. I'm super dry and sharp with my boys and I can see how that affects them. I must do better and stop yelling or using a tone that is not appropriate. This is seriously my toughest goal.

That's about it for spring. I'll let you know what I've accomplished mid-June.

What about you? Are there any goals you'd like to achieve these days?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Friday (Saturday... again!) Favorites

Hello! What have you been up to? Life has been quite busy here! A few things that happened:
- Léo lost his first 2 teeth in one single morning and that same afternoon broke two bones in his left wrist!
- I voted in the French presidential elections. The far right (racist) party has made it to the second turn and I am quite frightened for my country. Obviously I'm voting Macron in a week.
- I traveled to Honduras for work for a few days. it's always good to connect with the team face-to-face.

This weekend, we don't have anything planned. I foresee us going to the pool, watching ice hockey, and doing some chores. What about you? I wish you a relaxing and vibrant weekend!

Here are a few links I've enjoyed:

The case for more black teachers.

This is such an infuriating part of peace missions.

A beautiful (and law-changing) marriage in pictures.

Self care for parents is a must.

This is the reality of marriage.

This podcast episode is worth a listen. So tender and heartbreaking.

I loved this book and didn't know about its main topic.

This made me laugh so hard.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday (Saturday!) Favorites

Hi there. I'm a day late! This weekend is big in our house as we're celebrating Léo's 6th birthday with friends tomorrow and with family on Sunday (his actual birthday). I wish you a happy weekend. Here are a few links I've liked:

The race was about race.

After reading about the Pepsi ad scandal, I did a little Googling. Here is a good summary of cultural appropriation.

Like a lot of us, this attack revolted me. But the US counter attack didn't sit well with me either.

This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

I'm starting this book. I hope to create such a group (secular, maybe, since I don't have a church?)

I love this color and this dress looks so comfy.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hi there! My dad and step-mom were visiting last week and we had a blast. This weekend, Joe is golfing with friends and I'm... going to try to pack the weekend with activities for the boys! I hope you have a fun one.
Here are a few links I've enjoyed lately:

Wow, this is convicting.

I'm voting soon in the French elections! If you're interested, here is a brief guide to the main candidates.

Everything I want to say to people who want to volunteer abroad.

Describing your family in three words. More difficult than I thought!

I've loved watching Peppa with Jude. Now I understand why I enjoy it so much!

I did this exercise and found it really helpful.

I'm loving this book -and am sure it would be even better on Audible.

I may need this mug.

(Photo from our whale watching trip about 10 days ago)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

What are you up to this weekend, readers? This week I've fought a cold. But my dad and step-mom arrived yesterday and that made my week brighter. They'll be staying for 9 short days and I'm so excited to host them! Have a fun weekend. Here are a few links I liked.

This new government budget will fix America. For sure.

The Syria war started 6 years ago. Not a lot of people care it seems.

This celebrity home is gorgeous and so well decorated. I want the bench as my reading nook!

Letter from a working mom to her husband. I could have written some of these paragraphs myself.

Hospitality when you're an introvert.

I'm starting this book soon.

This may be good for Leo's window.

This made me laugh!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

I've watched a lot of Peppa Pig this week as Jude was sick... again! This weekend, we're going to take it easy and enjoy being healthy. On Sunday Léo has an ice skating lesson and then we'll see a real ice hockey game. He's super excited! Have a great weekend everyone. Here are a few things I've enjoyed this week.

Dire consequences of the government's new immigration policies.

Human trafficking affects men and children, too.

A good way to try to change some of my knee-jerk parenting patterns.

I've just finished this book and loved it!

Have you watched this yet? I did -about 10 times. It's hilarious and cringe-worthy all at once.

I need this tool -my walls are pretty bare and I need art / pictures hung stat.

Speaking of -how darling is this print? Might buy it for the boys' room.

The art of 30-minute meals.

(Pictured above: the boys wearing red on Wednesday to celebrate International Women's Day)