Halloween Prep

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ah October… Halloween is new to me. I didn’t celebrate that day growing up in France and I didn’t care about Halloween until Leo was born. I still don’t care much for it, but Leo is hugely into costumes and candies –like all 4 year olds are- so this year we’re stepping up our game!

First stop: the pumpkin. Again, I didn’t grow up with the idea that decorating or even eating pumpkins was a bit deal. My taste buds still don’t appreciate the taste of pumpkin –but that can change, as it did for cheesecake! Last year we drew on a pumpkin, but this year we met with friends and carved a pumpkin.

 Captain America's shield. I mean… Pinterest-worthy or what?

Another improvement: we’re all going to wear costumes this year! We’re going to be Avengers. Leo has a few Avengers costumes he gets to choose from. The rest of us have yet to buy costumes -procrastinating is my MO.

 Sorry for the blur!
 HawkEye at his school's Halloween parade.

Thor at the mall's Trick or Treat event yesterday.

What about you? Are you into Halloween, pumpkins, costumes, and/or candies?

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