2015 in Review - Top 5 Overall and a Look Ahead

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 was a bit of a gut-kicker but there were very good times, too. Here are my top 5 from last year, in chronological order:

April: 10-year anniversary. I mean, achievement right there!

July: Family vacation in Seattle. We lived in Seattle for 7 years before moving back to Southern California and it was so good to reconnect with friends and show Leo all that he used to do. He didn't remember any of it!

September: Work trip to Armenia with Jude followed by a vacation with the family in France. Joe and Leo met us in Paris and we spent a few days in Normandy with my mom's side of the family and then a few days with my dad and his family. I saw my brother a ton, which is always a highlight.

November: My dad spent about 10 days with us and had his first Thanksgiving celebration -which he enjoyed. It was great to have him with us. Leo remembered him from September and Jude really liked him, too. We had nice dinner and great conversations.

December: A very successful Christmas, and for once one I didn't dread. I really got into the spirit this year thanks to Leo's excitement and anticipation. We shopped ahead of time. We had a great time!

So, now... 2016... I usually make big time resolutions, but this year I will let these 5 adjectives carry me:

Of course I also want to lose weight, meal plan, budget better, spend less time on my phone and tv. But really if the new year could provide rest / calm, if I could make good decisions and hold on to my beliefs and values, be generous in my givings, and if my family knew I loved them the most, 2016 would be a good year!

Cheers to 2016!

What were your highs in 2015? What do you hope for this new year?

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