Have a healthy weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2017

This weekend I am taking it easy. I've come down with the stomach flu and need to rest. I'm a baby when i'm sick and I'm solo parenting until tomorrow morning. I hope you have a healthy and restful weekend! Here are a few articles I've enjoyed lately:

The full transcript from Barack Obama's last speech. I did cry. All the tears.

This inspired me to change the way I talked to the boys -I do a lot of "careful" and "great job!"

Speaking of parenting, this quick devotional also inspired me to be use the phrase "everyone makes mistakes" more often.

I love podcasts but have not listened to audio books for a long time. Maybe this list will make me start again?

I love Rachel Held Evans and her latest blog post was really touching.

Have you tried a wardrobe capsule? I'm interested in the concept, though I don't own that many pieces!

Current TV binge. Current read.

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