Why I March

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I have always been an armchair activist but this year I want to become an true ally - a woman who walks the talk. It all starts this Saturday with the Women’s March. I will be marching in Orange County with many men and women who want to ensure that the rights of women are valued and upheld in the new administration.

As for me? I walk for myself and for my rights, of course. I walk for basic human rights like paid parental leave, reproductive rights, education, healthcare, child care. I also walk for and with those women who have to work multiple jobs and barely make ends meet. With those who raise children in fear for their lives because of institutional and systemic racism. With the courageous women who are new to the country and, documented or not, try to build a safe life for their families. With those who raise strong daughters and sons and want to lead by example through kindness and fearlessness. I walk for young girls to know that they are smart and beautiful and can achieve great things. I walk for all the women who build each other up and who encourage one another. I walk because I still believe in Ubuntu – “there is no me without you.” There are no successful men without women behind and around them. There are no successful women without strong women behind and around them, from their family members to their teachers to their mentors and their friends. I march because we must be united in this new political environment, united now and always to lift each other up and remind ourselves and (perhaps, more importantly) others that we are invaluable members of society, that we must rise and raise our voices to defend equality, diversity, and the dignity of all.

(Illustration by Liza Donovan. other beautiful free downloads can be found here)

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