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Friday, February 17, 2017

There is a storm coming this weekend, so like good people living in Southern California, we're probably going to stay indoors a lot. We're also going to a birthday party, I am leading a book club discussion at my local library, and we're spending time with family. I hope you have a relaxing and re-energizing weekend. Here are my weekly favorites:

This blog's title made me laugh (NSFW). But it's also super informative.

Portraits of strength at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu (I volunteered there for a bit in 2008)

5 things to do to raise good kids.

I want these pants!

I finished this book -I recommend it.

My new favorite podcast. I feel smarter in 15 minutes per day.

If I had time, I'd fill this planner up.

6 free personal finance courses -because who doesn't need that?

(Photo of Lake Kivu I took while in Bukavu)

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