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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This month we’re talking about love! I started last week with the things that save my life daily -little things I love that make life so much more enjoyable. Today, on Valentine’s Day, of course I must talk about my family. I met Joe in October 2001. We married in April 2005 right after I moved to the US -in February, happy US anniversary to me! Leo and Jude were born in 2011 and 2014. We are a really lovely family I have to say. Some days I think I am not meant to be a mom: I am too selfish, not patient, not smiling enough. I am not the best wife either: I nag a lot and I am not very attentive. Most days I just want to be in a cave and read. But I am a good enough mom, a good enough wife. And these two boys and one man are my strength. I love spending time with them, growing with them, and witness their lives. Also, they’re fun as heck. Here are some things they do or say that I love:

For at least 10 years Joe didn’t tell me that I pronounced “cantaloupe” wrong. He said, and I repeated, “Kan-tah-loo-peh.” I kid you not. Also I used to say "beach" the same way I said "b*tch." Same with "sheet" and "sh*t." I finally discovered that it wasn’t the proper way to pronounce that. That still makes Joe laugh -a lot.

Speaking of pronunciation, Jude doesn’t know how to say “fork.” He says “f*ck.” At dinner we try to have him say that word a lot, because we’re absolute teenagers. And he says “Shut up!” a lot because he watched too much Home Alone. It’s so shameful when he yells that in the middle of the park or Target.

Jude loves to hit people. He thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever. But he also knows he shouldn’t hit, so when he does it (his brother most likely), he’ll look at us and very seriously, with his index pointing up, says “No. Hitting. Ok, mom?”

Leo is conjugating verbs in a very rational and fun way. He says “it hurted” or “I hitted the ball.” At least he understands how verbs work!

What makes you love your family these days?

(Photos by Incandescent Photography)

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