What is saving my life these days

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Today I am linking up with fellow Modern Mrs. Darcy readers to list what is saving my life this season. A lot is making my life feel out of control and dark, so this is a good exercise in remembering to breathe and enjoy the little things.

The sun is back! It’s been raining and grey here for a while but the sun is back and it feels so good. I love walking my dog in the afternoon and feel the sun on my back. I’m like a crocodile: I get my energy from the sun!

Mint tea. It’s fresh and delicious! It’s become my middle of the afternoon routine.

Podcasts. Especially these. I listen to them when I walk from and to school alone or when I do mindless work (filing emails for instance). I love learning new things and feel part of a like-minded tribe.

As an introvert I need some alone time to relax. It’s been difficult lately because Jude tends to go to sleep late (9:45 PM or so). But when he’s asleep early, a good glass of wine (Chardonnay is my favorite) and a book are life savers. I’m reading this right now. Usually Joe watches one of the shows he likes on TV and I relax on the couch with him.

Friends. They’re really making life better right now. Long-time friends and new friends are helping me process, laugh, rant, and dream.

What about you? What’s saving your life right now?