Friday Favorites

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hi there! My dad and step-mom were visiting last week and we had a blast. This weekend, Joe is golfing with friends and I'm... going to try to pack the weekend with activities for the boys! I hope you have a fun one.
Here are a few links I've enjoyed lately:

Wow, this is convicting.

I'm voting soon in the French elections! If you're interested, here is a brief guide to the main candidates.

Everything I want to say to people who want to volunteer abroad.

Describing your family in three words. More difficult than I thought!

I've loved watching Peppa with Jude. Now I understand why I enjoy it so much!

I did this exercise and found it really helpful.

I'm loving this book -and am sure it would be even better on Audible.

I may need this mug.

(Photo from our whale watching trip about 10 days ago)


  1. Love you, friend! Thanks for the links. I'm totally going to try the Apartment Therapy thing. :)