Friday (now Sunday!) Favorites

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hi there! This weekend I voted for the new French president (yay!) and we took it easy since it was raining. Joe and I went on a date night and I spent Sunday afternoon watching the Ducks lose to the Oilers (ouch) with my OC BFF. What did you do?

Here are a few links I've enjoyed:

A list of the pre-existing conditions not covered under the healthcare plan the House shamelessly passed.

This is the kind of crap the new French president's opponent was spewing. So glad she lost.

I need this advice more than I care to admit.

I have started this book and am really liking it.

This podcast episode was chilling.

And while we're talking media, this is what Joe and I have been loving lately.

I'm not judgy (ahem) but I may need this.

A bit late but definitely has truth to it.

Spring Goals

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'm a little late posting about quarterly goals but hey, I need to be accountable, so here are my goals for the spring:

- Lose 1 pound per week. I have an important party to attend in June and I'd like to feel good and confident by then. Concretely: lose 15 pounds by June 10.
- Limit wine. That one is hard. I love wine. Buttery Chardonnay is my BFF. But I really need to decrease my wine intake. My goal is to drink twice a week only.

- Respect the budget Joe and I  have set. I have terrible discipline with... well, pretty much anything, but I want to spend less, which means sticking to a budget without extra spending. The week days are easy but weekends tend to be difficult, so that's where I need to focus on.
- Set up a debt payment system. I'm thinking about the avalanche or snow ball systems.

- One date night per month. Because we need to stop putting ourselves last!
- Tone! This is a big one. I'm super dry and sharp with my boys and I can see how that affects them. I must do better and stop yelling or using a tone that is not appropriate. This is seriously my toughest goal.

That's about it for spring. I'll let you know what I've accomplished mid-June.

What about you? Are there any goals you'd like to achieve these days?