Friday (now Sunday!) Favorites

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hi there! This weekend I voted for the new French president (yay!) and we took it easy since it was raining. Joe and I went on a date night and I spent Sunday afternoon watching the Ducks lose to the Oilers (ouch) with my OC BFF. What did you do?

Here are a few links I've enjoyed:

A list of the pre-existing conditions not covered under the healthcare plan the House shamelessly passed.

This is the kind of crap the new French president's opponent was spewing. So glad she lost.

I need this advice more than I care to admit.

I have started this book and am really liking it.

This podcast episode was chilling.

And while we're talking media, this is what Joe and I have been loving lately.

I'm not judgy (ahem) but I may need this.

A bit late but definitely has truth to it.

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