What makes me happy these days

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

So much has been making me sad and furious in the news lately. Here are a few things that keep me feeling hopeful and joyful:

- Friends. Ah I don't know what I'd do without my friends, near and far. From my next door neighbors who love my boys and care for us to friends who live far but are a daily reminder of the goodness of true friendship to those I've never met in real life (I have an insanely amazing Facebook group of moms), I am so grateful for the girls who make me laugh, think, and feel part of a caring community. My friends are life giving.

- Lipstick. Because nothing makes me feel more put together than lipstick, even when it's 8 in the morning and I feel like death. Let's hear it for lipstick!

- The end of the school year. Leo and Jude are still in school all day so no daydreaming about all the summer activities we're going to do together, but can I just say this: no more homework. That's it. That makes me happy!

- Adulting. Joe and I sat down and pretty much mapped out our debt, meals, and chores. I know, this is so boring, but so necessary at this point in our lives. I love that it puts order and sense into our lives.

- The Library. I’ve borrowed so many books. I went there two days ago to get one book and ended up with four. I’m excited about all of them!

- Bleach. What? I know, but hear me out. I have boys. They love to play outside and come inside to touch everything. They pee in, but a lot of time, around the loo. Bleach has been good to this household!

- Sunshine. It’s rained quite a bit this winter and spring (again, to the rest of the country: yeah yeah I know, we Californians are major babies when it comes to the weather) and it’s super hot right now. I love summer and sunshine. 

- Twitter. My new shiny object! I get a lot of the news from there and just love scrolling down the page.

What about you? What's been making you smile and making you laugh, breathe better, and be grateful lately? 

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