Jude is 3!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jude turned 3 at the end of August! Reader, you don’t know my family yet, so let me describe this little nugget of sunshine for you.

The first thing to say about him is that he’s joyful. He’s always trying to make us smile and loves to laugh at everything.

He has a gigantic imagination and is never bored. His brain loves made up stories for us to play or for his toys to interact with each other.

He loves to dance. He loves doing what we call the “butt dance” and as a matter of fact he’s pretty much the best twerker in the house.

He speaks so well and so much. His vocabulary surprises us sometimes! I’m sure he picked up most of it from school, and I love conversing with him. He also loves books and prefers to read all by himself these days.

He loves his friends -and we have a bunch his age around- and his family. He’s a bit of a mama’s boy.

After months of refusing to hug or kiss us, he’s finally getting super cuddly. He hugs me when I pick him up from daycare (he just entered their pre-school class- what!) and he always sits right next to me when we watch tv. And yeah, ahem he watches a LOT of tv and phone apps.

And since we’re talking about bad habits, he still sucks on his pacifier. Like all day if we let him. We just got rid of the bottle at night (it’s so cringe-inducing to admit!) and we’ll start on the paci soon. Ish.

That’s it. That’s our brilliant boy in a few words. Here are a few pictures that summarize who he is really well.

(All of these were taken by his teachers at school!)

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