37: A new direction

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

As you know if you've been reading this blog for a few months (and if you don't, you can catch up here) I have high hopes for this new year of my life -for 37. I decided that instead of resolutions, I'd make lasting positive changes in my life, and I started working with a life coach, Kate. Readers, if you need a life coach, Kate is amazing. I love working with her -her energy, sense of humor, and gentleness make her a superb partner on this walk to change. She also has a podcast, Here to thrive, which I adore -and the reason why I contacted her in the first place. I feel so fancy saying I have a "life coach" but I can already tell this was the right choice for me at this moment in my life. Working with her is energizing and gives me hope.

This week Kate and I had our second session. We talked about values. We started with a bunch of "value cards", which I had to place in 3 piles -yes, maybe, no- in answer to the prompt: "when you're 80 and look back on your life, what will make you say: this made our life good?" It was quite an easy and fun exercise. Once I had 3 piles, we focused on the YES pile and gathered cards which could fit together. I ended up with 8 piles, which became my 8 values -the values I need to make sure I nurture and focus on to have a good life.

These values are: family, community, integrity / authenticity, learning for growth, joy, abundance, contentment, and health. I also put "faith" under it all, as a foundation.

I played around with those main categories, mainly through drawing, which I must admit I completely suck at, my level being akin to that of a 2nd grader. But through these images, I figured that my 2 main words right now are




Abundance and joy. I'm going to focus on that right now.

And that makes me happy.

What about you? Do you have words that guide your life or your year?

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