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Friday, October 6, 2017

Hey guys! After a work trip and a few days taking care of a sick Jude, I'm hoping this weekend is uneventful. We're, as usual, going to Leo's hockey game tomorrow morning, and that's about it. Do you have plans this weekend?

Here are a few things I've enjoyed (or screamed at!):

Of course they would.

What happened in Las Vegas is heartbreaking. Take a look at this analysis of another white terrorist.

If you have children, how to talk to them about tragedies (this is for Charlottesville, but can apply to any tragedy)

This home library (a whole room!) is now part of my vision board. The books! The ladder! The blue chairs!

How to better invest as a woman.

I should probably buy that sweater for its name, right? Also it's a French store, so yup, defintiely!

I want to gift this book to everyone of my friends. Review coming soon!

I love listening to their podcasts (Pod Save the World is my favorite!)

(Photo by Neven Krcmarek)

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