Friday (cough Saturday cough) Favorites

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Wow what a week. Halloween was a blast -Jude (SWAT police officer) was sick last year but this year he knocked on all the doors and loved interacting with people while Leo (wait for it... hockey player) enjoyed spending time with his cousins. This weekend I'm home alone with the kids because Joe is in Seattle with friends. And I've decided not to drink at all until Thanksgiving. Bad timing! What are you up to?
Here are a few links I've found interesting if you'd like to click.

Did you have a good Monday? I sure did.

So much actually happened this week. So here are 3 main ideas that matter.

I don't usually care about the Live Disney event but this cast makes me want to watch it now.

Let's all agree to boycott this one, yes?

Uma is angry. And I should follow her lead  more often.

Get in mah belly.

All of these are true.

2 widely different wilderness-themed books I've enjoyed.

(Photo by Javier Molina)

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