Sober October - Day 10

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today was quite a good day -probably because I was busy all day at work and this evening with hockey. That helps! The last few days haven't been bad but there is always an hour (6-ish) where things go wrong for everyone and poor Joe must think "woman, get some wine and stop yelling!" 20 more days. I can do this.

I read a book about a mom working on complete sobriety. She said that, because addiction is hereditary, she wanted to make sure her children didn't develop an addiction. She said that one of the main red flags is an "all or nothing" attitude, an ability to focus on one thing and go all in. And it's interesting because I used to be like that for sure. Joe is still like that to a degree. And Leo is definitely like that. Now I don't want to assign Leo with an "early warning for addiction" diagnosis, but I don't want to miss anything either. And one reason I want to drink less is to show my boys that they can have a good evening or a meal with friends without alcohol. I don't want them to normalize wine so much that it's an integral part of their lives -which would make it much easier to take up that habit once they're older. Monkey see, monkey do, right? Conversely, I'm reading books and watching good TV programs, so hey, it's not all bad.

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