Sober October - Day 15

Monday, October 15, 2018

Woot, 15 days!! I'm halfway there. This weekend was easy because I was super sick. I laid on the couch all weekend long -which was actually a nice, albeit mandatory, way to relax.

I wonder what I'm going to do after November. I listened to a podcast about drinking less on Scummy Mummies (I cannot recommend this podcast enough. It's hilarious and relevant) and the guest said that after stopping for a month, her new rule is "No more than 3 drinks, 3 times per week." Now, that's still over the recommended health guidelines and I'm guessing Brits' glasses are slightly smaller than mine. Case in point: in the book I already mentioned about a mom's sobriety, the author wrote that she had one glass when the kids came home from school, and another one when she cooked, and then others and pretty soon she had been drinking 6 glasses, which was, to her ONE bottle of wine. Ha. Yeah that would be 2 bottles of wine with my heavy pour. So I'm going to do 3 SMALL drinks 3 times a week if 3 times a week is warranted. I don't want to drink 3 times because I said this would be the new normal. The fewer days the better!

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