Sober October Day 2

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

(These Sober October posts are going to be short updates. I won’t upload pictures or make the posts all that pretty unless I blog about something else!)

Day 1 went well but day 2 was hard. I didn’t actually want to drink wine -or any alcohol for that matter. I just wanted something tasty and sweet. I drank tea, which was just okay. The 6-8pm window is the hardest frankly. There’s dinner and bedtime and many fights between the boys in between - and it’s the time I normally start unwinding with wine. Motherhood has not been all that groovy lately. It’s been exhausting and stressful. Yes, I love my kids and they are a true delight but this phase is tough. They’re sensitive and feisty and whiny. On top of that, I have been all shades of meh lately. The news is mightily depressing; I’m reading a book (Vox) about a conservative government that’s a bit too close to reality; and work is fine but I’ve had conversations and meetings that have left me more unsettled than usual. But there’s never a perfect time to do anything, so this month is as good as it gets. Onward!

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