Sober October - Day (2)2

Monday, October 22, 2018

22... or 2 because...

Well it happened. I had a drink on Saturday. We were at a party and a free pina colada was offered. I took it and it was delicious! But frankly I felt so bad the day after that it was not worth it. I was not sick physically but I felt terrible and weak and ashamed. Not. Worth. It.

I know... it was only a drink (or rather an evening because I had wine after that) and I'm back on the proverbial wagon, where I'll remain until October 31st. It's just so easy for me to go down a rabbit hole and have negative thoughts about myself. I have to say I didn't spend the whole day Sunday emotionally beating myself up. I moved on. But I do tend to focus on the negatives, like so many of us do, rather than on the positive (for instance, I could have focused on the good aspects of Saturday night: I didn't get drunk or even buzzed. It was easy not to have a lot to drink. Progress!).

I am actually being intentional about dreaming and setting goals for myself again to prove my mean /demoralized self that I can have self-discipline and that I can achieve something. I used to thrive on goals. I had confidence. And somehow I lost that ability to persevere and go for my dreams. I'm trying to reclaim that.

If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear about a goal you set for yourself that you're either working on or have accomplished.

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