Sober October!

Monday, October 1, 2018

It starts today!

I have decided that October this year will be “Sober October.” I love Chardonnay (it made it into my profile description up there on the right… that tells you how much I like it!), and I drink quite a lot of it. Daily. I don’t get drunk but I enjoy my end of day, I-need-a-break glass(es) of wine too much. So I’m giving my body a break. There are a few reasons for that: physical health, as my body has been hurting lately; emotional health, as I know alcohol increases depression; financial health, because wine ain’t cheap; and overall well-being, as I’m hoping that I’ll spend less time vegging in front of the telly and more time reading, writing, and planning -in one word, self-care. I LOVE watching TV. I’ve been watching great TV shows and documentaries on Netflix or Amazon, but it’s not very productive.

I chose October because I don’t have anything planned this month. No foreseeable trips or parties. This should be a pretty low-key month. I’m hoping this helps me stick with this resolution. I know that in theory 31 days sounds easy but friends, I drink daily, so this might be more challenging than you think.

That being said, I’m not expecting to make other drastic changes this month. I don’t want to put too much on my shoulders. Not drinking will be tough enough without adding other huge goals… which surely will make me want to “relax” at the end of the day. I’ll be tracking the amount of water I’m drinking per day, the number of Weight Watchers points accrued (I’m tracking through their app), and whether I write, whether in a journal or on this blog.

Let’s see how this goes. I’m excited to focus on my health, both physical and mental. Wish me luck. Seriously, I appreciate your positive thoughts / prayers!

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  1. You can do it friend! I admire your discipline! I'm just mad we didn't reschedule HH in September!

    1. Thanks, friend. HH in November for sure or sober HH (for me. I can drive!) this month?

  2. How sad is it that my first thought was, "You can certainly find cheap/good wine at xxx...". But I admire this resolution. I've done it for Lent, and it's NOT easy. Not sure I could do it on a regular basis, but yes, it'll be a good break for your body. Good luck! PS: I'm so glad you're back to blogging!