Ten Things to Tell You

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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I haven’t shared about myself for a while here. So, following the prompt of one of my favorite Podcasts, Ten Things to Tell You, here are my current ten things to tell you:

1)   I resigned from my work at World Vision early September. I am a stay at home mom until I find a new job. I loved my job and my team (it was my dream job, actually), but the organization discriminates against LGBT people and that was not okay with me. I thought some internal committees I belonged to were making good headway talking about gender and gender roles, but in October of last year I spoke to the head of HR, who said their hiring policies would not change in the foreseeable future. It took me almost a year to get my finances in order but finally Joe and I were able to pay some of our credit cards down and we are in a position where I can be without a job for a couple of months. It feels good to be aligned with my values -finally!

2)  So, I am a stay-at-home mom and boy am I BUSY. I have time to do things for myself but mainly I clean (I can’t relax until chores are done in the house), volunteer at the boys’ school (in the library of course!), and I don’t have much time for myself.

 3)  I wish I had more time to think. I feel the past couple of months have been a blur of movement and I need… stillness. I need to think, to pray, to plan. I haven’t had time to do any of that. My brain is a mess!

4)   I am trying to take it easy. It’s hard for me not to know what the future holds but I’m trying to take things one day at a time. I have ideas (blog again! Apply for all the jobs!) but I think I’m afraid to take the first step and implement them. So… I procrastinate.

5) But I have had time to start a new sport. I am practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu twice a week and I love it. It’s a good work out and it’s fun and empowering. Win-win.

6)   I have also volunteered as Jude’s soccer coach. Ahem. I know nothing about soccer but it’s mainly fun. Jude is not into soccer so that’s a bit complicated but it’s fun to practice with and guide a bunch of sweet 5-year-old boys twice a week. I love our little team (“Purple Dragons!”)

 7) These past few months I have read very little. In the past this was a sure sign of depression. This time I think I don’t have time. I try to read 30 minutes a day, but I don’t fit that in my life as I used to. My GoodRead challenge for the year is 55 and I’m at 40-something books read. Last year I read 60+. I’m slowing down but enjoying what I’m reading more.

8)  What I do a lot if listen to podcasts! I listen to 2 every morning to get the news (Up First, from NPR, and The Daily, from the New York Times) and then choose which others I want to listen to. Some I rarely miss are 10 Things to Tell You, Throughline, and Pod save the World.

9)  I also watch tv like crazy at night. I should work on myself / the future in the evening, but I love Netflix. Especially French- shows. That hasn’t helped my reading or thinking life at all. Oh well.

10) Last thing! I am one year away from 40, I quit my job, and my brother is getting married next year so I’m trying to be healthier, do better, and be better. No pressure

I’m hoping to keep blogging and find a job. Keep me accountable, yes?

Do you have 10 (less? more?) things to tell? Let me know in the comments <3


  1. Jiu-Jitsu?! That's badass! It looks awesome. Get it, Mommy!!
    I totally believe you're crazy busy and I'm sure the boys are loving it.
    Good for you for taking a stand for what you believe in. It's never easy, but you did it! Keep walking the walk and take care of you!

  2. Johanna, je t'envoie plein de love et de solidarité depuis Barcelone !

    Tellement de points partagés/croisés après cette lecture que ça me retourne.

    Moi aussi j'ai pris la décision de démissionner en août dernier pour faute absolue d'alignement avec ce que je faisais et pour le compte de qui je le faisais... et quoique grave vertigineux (j'ai mis un an et demi à exécuter ma décision), c'est si libérateur de sauter ce pas et embrasser l'incertitude mais aussi une certaine cohérence. Moi je le ressens comme ça.
    Et comme un acte de foi en... la vie (?)!

    Perso, j'aurais fastoche une 20aine de trucs à dire, mais juste avec le premier je suis capable de pondre un commentaire kilométrique, donc je vais t'épargner les 19 suivants ;-)

    All my support with the job hunting!
    All the Luck ��
    Et Vive les remises en question.

    Et surtout, je te souhaite de profiter des longues balades avec Bella, du temps retrouvé pour méditer, respirer, prendre soin de soi, réfléchir, penser/panser, se projeter et (re-)construire.

    The Universe is generous with the bold ones. Let's open our arms to its generosity, with gratitude.

    Abrazo grande!

    P.s: Eh, 3 langues dans un seul comment. Magique. ;-)