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Mind Over Mommy is a place for us to talk about everything, but mainly parenthood, politics, and books. I hope you find that this site is a warm place where we can have frank, sometimes deep, sometimes superficial, chats. I try to keep my posts short because who has time for essays? Not me!

About the name of the blog

After I gave birth to my first son in 2011, I found myself feeling really bland - not able to think, to read, or to do much beside working and taking care of my family. It took me a good year to find myself again. After having my second son in 2014, I felt the familiar flat line in my brain coming back, and I really wanted to fight that. The term "Mind Over Mommy" is my attempt to remember that I feel better when I think, read and challenge myself intellectually.

About me

My name is Johanna. I was born and raised in France and moved to Southern California in 2005 to marry Joseph, an American whom I met while studying in Bordeaux. We now have 2 sons, Léo and Jude. We moved back to Southern California in 2013 after spending 7 years in Seattle. I work for an international humanitarian organization and oversee projects with a  focus on child protection and education. I love reading, watching documentaries and way too many TV shows, talking about politics and world events, and am passionate about social justice. I love having conversations with friends around a glass or two of wine. I am an introvert, home body at heart, and have a very annoying fear of flying.

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